book of truth, 2016

By complimenting reflection alongside academic findings, Divine Karma examines various discrepancies associated with traditional faith mantras against the scientific achievement of present day society. From examining the collective consciousness to nature’s invisible guiding hand, Ramirez provides a breathe of fresh air from traditional faith-based books with much needed real world perspective. This book is meant for those who wish to engage with all major faiths, reflective spirituality, and everything in-between.

Prolog (Fragments)

" ...Believe nothing until you have personally experienced it, questioned it and observed and only then can you come to a logical and practical determination of its meaning. This approach will serve to remove the dogmas that plague the very structure of beliefs that rule your life.... "

‘If truth is to be unveiled, we must examine and question all that which is known. You can never reach a reasonable and logical conclusion if this knowledge cannot stand up to such tests.’