"It takes courage to question your beliefs."


Like so many people before me, I began to question everything I knew and believed later on in my life, which was my main inspiration during my creative process. Despite regularly attending Catholic service growing up, I was never truly interested in following organized religion. Nevertheless, I did study the teachings of Buddhism, Hinduism, Agnosticism, and Christianity in search of answers as well, but I still never found what I was truly looking for.

I soon came to the realization that my existence was defined through concepts that I did not personally discover, but was taught. My “aha” moment came when I began questioning my beliefs about “God.” The concept of “God” being an outside force that created, and continues to control, everything around me was a trigger. Ultimately, that’s what I’m trying to achieve with this book: to offer the opportunity for others to find harmony in their lives and live their true purpose. This book is your opportunity to better understand who you are, what’s going around you, and what that means for your life.


Ramirez’s unconventional childhood created the necessary foundation for his decision to join the U.S Navy Reserve immediately after high school instead of pursuing a more traditional academic path. His career as a Cryptologic Morse Code Specialist granted him the opportunity to see and experience the world outside of a classroom firsthand. Later transferring the American Marine Corps, Ramirez continued his distinguished career in service to his country until an accident left him partially paralyzed from the waist down in 1990. After this near-death experience, Ramirez began to reflect inward about his beliefs and understanding of faith as he adjusted to civilian life. While bouncing between various unfulfilling jobs, Ramirez eventually found his passion in the private security and assisted living sector. By applying his practical military experience, Ramirez successfully launched a boutique security firm, which now stands as an industry leader in Florida. In 2013, Ramirez helped develop a universal home gym system to aid wheelchair users rehabilitation processes while launching a holistic healing center dedicated to alternative healing modality with his wonderful wife in Key Largo, Florida. Today, Ramirez is enjoying retirement in Homestead, Florida and has dedicated his life to his writing and family.


Raised in a working class Latino household in the Bronx (New York), David Ramirez was exposed to the ridged secular world at an early age. Alongside his family, Ramirez regularly attended mass and practiced the motions of Catholicism with an empty heart, but an open mind. After his family relocated to Levittown Lakes, Puerto Rico to continue his father’s career with the U.S. Navy, Ramirez became exposed to an entirely different way of life. Away from the traditional materialism of America, Ramirez embraced the island mantra of gratitude and inward reflection.

‘Collective Consciousness is to humans, what water is to fish and both are incapable of understanding its power.’