In our lives, there will be
only two mystical experiences;
when we first open our eyes and
when we first open our minds.


‘It takes courage to question your beliefs. This book will help you realize what lies inside of you.’

Divine Karma



Raised in a working class Latino household in the Bronx (New York), David Ramirez was exposed to the ridged secular world at an early age. Alongside his family, Ramirez regularly attended mass and practiced the motions of Catholicism with an empty heart, but an open mind. After his family relocated to Levittown Lakes, Puerto Rico to continue his father’s career with the U.S. Navy, Ramirez became exposed to an entirely different way of life. Away from the traditional materialism of America, Ramirez embraced the island mantra of gratitude and inward reflection.


Ramirez’s unconventional childhood created the necessary foundation for his decision to join the U.S Navy Reserve immediately after high school instead of pursuing a more traditional academic path. His career as a Cryptologic Morse Code Specialist granted him the opportunity to see and experience the world outside of a classroom firsthand.



Believe nothing until you have personally experienced it, questioned it and observed and only then can you come to a logical and practical determination of its meaning ...

David Ramirez

If truth is to be unveiled, we must examine and question all that which is known. You can never reach a reasonable and logical conclusion if this knowledge cannot stand up to such tests...

David Ramirez

Collective Consciousness is to humans, what water is to fish and both are incapable of understanding its power...

David Ramirez

Your fear of what lives in the outside supports the battle you fight on the inside...

David Ramirez

‘This book is about self-realization and how my life experiences, and the lessons they have unveiled, have provided me with a certain wisdom that allows me to present you with a perspective. A perspective that will then allow you to open your eyes and change your perception of your reality’